Showing Up

A notification dinged on my phone and l absentmindedly looked
down thinking nothing of real importance would be flashing on my screen. When I
saw the tiny Etsy shop icon pop up notifying me that we’d made our first Etsy
sell, my heart leapt! That one “little sell”, totaling less that $25 (minus shipping),
obliterated the mounding doubt that had begun stacking itself against my heart
and mind, building its foundations on my every insecurity as a human and an
artist. This (monetarily) “little sell” was achieved before I’d even begun
implementing any sort of marketing, it was achieved simply by being available
on the site. 

Now there’s a lesson for me. This is the business equivalent of
“just showing up”. Not that marketing is not a crucial tool for business, and one that I a currently learning about, but I realized that the most important thing for the business that Jeff and I are starting is for both of us to be present, for us to show up every day and do our best. If I continue to show up in my life and business, it means I
don’t have to be perfect (I mean seriously, why do we keep trying?), it means I
don’t have to have all of the answers (actually, by showing up the answers come
to you, like which art works are more popular, what activities fuel my life and which take
away from it (yoga=fuel, procrastination=not so much). This one “little sell”
unlocked new paths to where Jeff and I needed to show up, like ordering custom
shipping materials and stock piling packing material. Once that one “little sell” happened, clarity followed!

Since the beginning of 2019 Jeff and I have slowly been
dreaming about and creating 1905 Studio. However, in the past 2 months, we’ve
gotten laser-focused on it. Each time we learn something new about business this
new information would open up more new information, ultimately multiplying like…well…gremlins… and as cute as business looks on the outside, I’ll remind you all
to not feed business after midnight (don’t try to implement everything at once)
and do not get business wet (those gremlins will soak in every insecurity and
spray it back to you like a super soaker!) The anxiety I felt was immense and
it completely affected how I showed up in my relationships and every other area
of life. I mean, this is not the first business I’ve tried to start based on
either my skills or talents, and the fears that I’ve developed based on those
past “failings” found the MOST opportune times to peak their fuzzy little

I’ve learned little by little how to show up and fuel my life and how to
quiet the gremlins (thank you Brene’ Brown). Just like my business, it’s a work
in progress. I share this story with you because maybe there’s someone
out there like me. Someone who is struggling with overwhelm in their lives and
they are just waiting for their version of a “little sell” on Etsy. If that’s
you, I want to remind you: Instead of waiting in a pit of anxiety…SHOW UP! Do the work in front of you, don’t try to do everything, and show up. That’s what I’m going to
be doing every day, for my business, for my relationships, for myself. Show up
and see what happens. I’ll be here to celebrate your “little sell” with you,
just as I know you are celebrating with me.

Be sure share your “little sell” stories with
us! We’d love to hear them!

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Cheers Y’all,

Joanna Gifford

1905 Studio Co-Founder

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